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Peer mentoring programme

Peer mentoring Programme

The Newark Family of Schools


The Newark Family of Schools believes it’s important to make our children’s school life as enjoyable and smooth as possible.


One of the ways we aim to do this is with a peer mentoring programme that is currently operating in 3 primary schools and 2 secondary schools in Newark.


The mentors offer guidance to their peers by acting as play ground mediators, trying to sort out issues of conflict and offer support.


They are also paired up with younger mentees that may have just moved up into the school or just need a bit of additional support.


The mentors spend time each week with their mentees and work towards sorting out any issues they may have in or out of schools, whilst operating within their boundaries of safeguarding, confidentiality and their skill set. They will set goals and act as a good role model.


All mentors are put through an initial training programme but there is also ongoing training available for them throughout the time as a mentor.


We are always open for more schools to join in with the programme so that it becomes an initiative that ALL schools in Newark are eventually involved in, giving us consistency throughout a child’s schooling.


The programme is especially valuable for transition and helps tackle other issues such as bullying, attendance and attainment.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ali or Rachel.


Ali – 07951 937366

Rachel – 07960 121027